October 15 in Budapest

By Matyas Benyik (through European Social Forum mail list)
Yesterday, about 1,000 people participated in the demonstration called World Revolution – Real Democracy Now and demanded participatory democracy, social justice, decent life and sustainable development. The program was strictly organized by individuals (but belonging to a big variety of Civil Society Organisations, including ATTAC Hungary, Hungarian Social Forum Network, Hungarian United Left Movement).
Thematical discussions focusing on the alternative proposals were held in the heart of Budapest (in Erzsebet Square) between 3 pm until 6 pm in the following fields:
1.) Real democracy
2.) Role of the state
3.) Basic human and social rights
4.) Economy and society
3.) Sustainable development
From 6 pm the demonstrators were marching with torches through the city and next to the Bank Center on Szabadsag ( Freedom) Square from 7 pm till 10 pm seven speeches and live music were delivered in a revolutionary mood, without any incidents.


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