Say no to censorship!


This is the official spot of Athens Biennale  (23/10-11/12).  It is directed by Yiorgos Zoes, one of the most promising young Greek directors. His film Casus Belli received 6 awards in the festival of Drama, Greece 2010.  It was also selected at the festivals of Venice, Rotterdam, Clermont Ferrand.

Greek state television ERT has forbidden the broadcast of  Zoes” spot. As it is obvious, this is an act of brutal censorship that violates our fundamental rights of freedom of speech and artistic creation.  There is a growing feeling in Greek society that our country looks more and more like the third world countries ruled by the IMF. This is a country of mass poverty and authoritarian rule.

In the circumstances, it is a democratic duty to reveal everything that the authorities are trying to hide. Please circulate widely Zoes’s work. Defend freedom of artistic creation in Greece. Say no to censorship!

Yannis Almpanis, 25/10/11


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